Understanding the Pathway to the Professoriate Using Academic Analytics Data: Engineering Disciplines

Thu, Sep 3, 2020, 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm

The GradFUTURES professional development initiative has partnered with Academic Analytics, an organization that provides comprehensive data and information on faculty research activity, as well as Ph.D. career outcomes to advance the research enterprise. In this series of presentations, Dr. Molly J. Wilson, Product Owner at Academic Analytics, will share peer analysis data regarding the academic career path for those interested in exploring faculty positions. Sessions will be offered for each of the four academic divisions.

Engineering: Moderated by Amy Pszczolkowski, Assistant Dean for Professional Development, Office of the Dean of the Graduate School.


Dr. Wilson’s presentation will address the following questions:

  • Where does Academic Analytics get these data?
  • What do academic departments look like in your discipline?
  • What’s the average timeline to promotion and tenure?
  • What do publication patterns look like in your discipline?
  • What does federal grant funding look like in your discipline?
  • Where do faculty members work in your discipline? How often do they move?

Speaker:  Molly J. Wilson is on the product development team with Academic Analytics. She helps academic leaders use data to inform strategic decisions, and specializes in analyses around alumni outcomes and clinical research. She received her undergraduate degree in violin from the University of Cincinnati and her Ph.D.in Translational Biomedical Science from the University of Rochester, where she studied motor learning and neurological disorders in musicians.


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