Important COVID-19 Reminders for Graduate Students

March 9, 2021

Dear Graduate Students,

As we approach the mid-point of the semester, we want to remind you of three very important health measures to help keep you and our community safe, and to remind you that the Covid-19 Hardship Funds for students experiencing financial difficulty is still available to you. 

  • Complete the COVID Risk Assessment Form anytime you travel outside of New Jersey
  • Adhere to all Quarantine Protocols
  • Observe the limits and guidelines for any gathering
  • Covid-19 Hardship Funds are available for unexpected financial need related to Covid-19

More information about these measures and resources is included below.

COVID Risk Assessment Form for travel outside of New Jersey

 Students who travel outside of the State of New Jersey, in addition to registering their travel, must complete the COVID Risk Assessment Form within the 3-7 days prior to returning to campus to allow UHS to advise whether a 10-day quarantine is required by the University upon return, depending on current State of New Jersey regulations.

 Please allow at least 3 business days’ turnaround time between when you submit your form and receiving a response.

 Visit the COVID-19 website for more information about the University’s travel policy.

Quarantine Protocols

If a student is required by University Health Services to enter quarantine during the course of the semester for any reason, there are strict guidelines that must be adhered to. Please see the fact sheet  for more information on these guidelines.

Quarantine that is required due to exposure to a potentially infected or infected person or is due to travel outside of New Jersey is a default 10 days. A reminder: violations of quarantine or isolation are very serious threats to public health and may trigger disciplinary consequences. 

Meetings, Gatherings and Events
On-campus in-person events are not permitted without explicit approval by the Events Approval Team.

Gatherings of fewer than 5 people indoors and 20 outdoors must be held in accordance with University’s public health measures and should be scheduled through the EMS web app

The Gatherings Team will review and approve, if appropriate public health measures are in place, requests for gatherings of greater than 5 people indoors and 20 people outdoors that support a student’s progress towards a degree or a student’s health and well-being, or are deemed critical to the mission of the University.

All gatherings must be conducted in accordance with all federal, state, and local regulations, as well as University policies and public health measures, including but not limited to social distancing and face covering requirements.

As a reminder, a maximum of 2 guests are permitted in University housing. Please see the Guest Policy for Apartment Contract Holders and Graduate College Contract Holders for more information.

Covid-19 Hardship Funds

 The Graduate School continues to provide hardship funds for those of you with unexpected financial need related to Covid-19.

 We can consider requests to provide assistance for Covid-19-related needs including but not limited to relocation/travel costs, storage fees, and food insecurity. We are also able to provide assistance to those of you who have had to learn or conduct research remotely without adequate specialized technology or materials or who have different research needs because you have had to rethink your topics or research direction given restrictions on travel and access to fieldwork or materials.  Appropriate research-related requests in this area may include increased internet support, new or different research materials, subscriptions, books, etc.   These funds are intended for emergency costs related to Covid-19 and are not intended to cover costs that would otherwise have been incurred, such as tuition and fees, regular rent, etc.  If you have questions related to a potential request, please reach out to Sarah Mullins (, who will consult with deans in the Graduate School as necessary. You may apply for assistance here.

 As a reminder, any stipend funding extension requests should be directed to your departments, which have been fully enabled to provide funding extensions to Ph.D. students who have had research setbacks. 


Office of the Dean of the Graduate School
Princeton University
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